Often times you hear health professionals, trainers and modern-day fitness gurus promote the ever-growing and often touted concept that women shouldn’t be trained the same as men.  The claim is that men and women should be trained different because what works for him won’t work for her and vice versa.  Men and women have different needs, right?

Not necessarily so.

The purpose of training the body is to produce a combination of health, fitness, movement and power with an aesthetic look to top off your progress.  In order to do this, one must have a solid and objective understanding to employ a methodology that combines all these into one.

If a method works, it works.  Period.  It can’t work only during the summer time, but not in the winter time.  It can’t work on some people and not for others (given the same conditions and context); after all, it’s the human physique we’re dealing with.

My Warrior Athlete training program has the backing of exercise science to support and present its philosophy and principles in a logical fashion (i.e., its conclusions follow of necessity from its premises).  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most traditional training methods.

The point of this article is that we as a species are, physiologically speaking, all essentially the same; we all need calories, we all require a certain amount of sleep, we all burn carbs at the rate of four calories per gram, and we all need intense exercise to stimulate muscle growth beyond normal levels.

Speaking in this context, the biological changes that occur in one person are the same as those in yourself, your favorite fitness guru and your best friend.  It follows from this that the specific stimulus required to induce those biomechanical changes leading to muscle growth in me, yourself, your best friend and your fav fitness guru is the same – high intensity muscular contraction!

Let me simplify it for you.  If people object to this statement, it is because of the confusion due to the fact that we as individuals all adapt to high-intensity training at varying levels of speed (based on our personal genetics and lifestyle).  Whereas some of us gain muscle at a very quick rate, others may grow at a much slower pace.  However, each of us grows muscle faster when we train more intensely.  If you personally are not gaining at the moment, you will gain more quickly as soon as you increase your training intensity.  Adaptation to the stress of high-intensity exercise varies on an individual basis owing to such factors as age, sex, existing physical condition, motivation, and so on, but the underlying muscle physiology is the same.

Therefore, people who say that we have different training needs are entirely misinformed.  We have the same training requirements; however, the confusion enters because we each possess varying levels of innate adaptability to the stress of the exercise.  Some are able to adapt quickly, while others require many weeks to adapt.

What is indisputable is that our physiology (human physiology) increases its store of muscle mass in direct proportion to the intensity of the exercise our muscles are exposed to.  Thus why I train people the same, using a unique methodology to employ these objective principles.

Therefore, since all human beings are essentially the same physiologically, it follows that both men and women respond similarly to the same stress of high intensity exercise by getting stronger – helping them to build a fit and powerful physiq

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