You are already running around with your head cut off trying to cut your guest list to a smaller number to save costs, confirm the venue, decide on the perfect flower ambience, and go to make-up and hair practice trials so that you don’t show up like the drama queen of Broadway.

If your struggling like most ‘brides to be’, the one thing you are having a tough time with is not being 100% happy about how your wedding dress looks like on. Or maybe you are still in search for the perfect dress, but are selecting certain styles that cover up the body parts you wished you catered too earlier.

You are not alone and I completely understand the stress you may be feeling. Your SOLUTION is to avoid these top 3 mistakes that will deter you from reaching your wedding body goals:

  1. Crash dieting

Often our first thought to burn fat and tone up is to start counting calories, measuring our food, and completely starve ourselves until the big day.  However, the problem with this is most likely you will go back to your bad eating habits after the wedding. This is completely the wrong way to develop long term healthy eating habits and get to the core root of why the fat is there in the first place.  The solution is to remove the reason of why fat exists, balance out our hormones, and understand proper timing of when to eat, and what food combinations and food to avoid, while detoxifying and nourishing the body.

Did you know that the reason fat exists is to protect our organs from toxicity from the chemical and free radicals within the body? Just think,  fat is not the enemy….toxins are!  Fat aumlated is actually doing us a favor to some extent. Now, if you remove these toxins from our body, the fat won’t need to accumulate to protect our vital organs from damage.

Furthermore, with a break from these bad foods and a detoxification nutrition program that nourishes and replenishes the body from the inside out, we should have no problem releasing storage stubborn fat .   If we remove the harmful ingredient’s found in processed foods such as fillers, preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, colors, synthetic hormones and antibiotics, our body will be well on it’s way to long term success.

Remember you want to avoid processed foods most commonly labelled s ‘low cal’, ‘low fat’, ‘sugar free’ and conventional meat products that are not grass fed or organic that are full of toxins harmful to our health.

Next you want to re-set your body’s hormones that become imbalanced from over eating, high cortisol levels from stress and diet, like of sleep and an unhealthy gut. In addition, processed food chemical mimic estrogenic properties, which in turn lead to chronic inflammation, weight gain and illness and disease.  This hormonal imbalance causes us to crave more food when at times we are not even truly hungry….we just think we are.

Re-setting our body and balancing out our hormones is key to burning fat and building muscle. Lastly, get away from the eat every two hours mind set where you are excessively counting calories, as not all calories are equal.

In addition, we have to truly understand that our human species are nocturnal eaters, meaning our biological make up is meant to hunt and gather (eat light for fight or flight) in the day, and our main meal in the mid evening (rest and digest) to maximize our full potential.


  1. Depleting your body

You have thought to yourself that you are going to start incorporating 1 hour- to 1 hour and half of long moderate cardio sessions five days a week, while you look at a bridal magazine to kill 2 birds with one stone. This is not the solution to loosing weight for your big day as more is LESS.

To build muscle, tone up and burn fat, we need to trigger our MTOR pathway, boost our growth hormone and testosterone blood levels through short and intense workouts. Excessive long periods of moderate cardio WILL NOT to this.  Try it! You will notice the opposite will occur, where your body will actually start to store fat due to suppressing your T3 Hormone, and diminish your muscle tissue. Depleting your body can also burn out your adrenals and raise unhealthy cortisol levels.  In the beginning while training long periods of excessive amounts of cardio, you notice a slight change in your body, but it will become counterproductive where you will start storing more fat then before you started.

The solution is a high intensity program that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle by increasing your growth hormone and testosterone blood levels naturally.  This occurs at the peak of your exercise at a specific time where you will leave your workout feeling energized, vs. tired and depleted. You will also benefit from a training program that does not separate cardio from resistance training, and a system that does not compromise your athletic performance, but unleashes your true athlete.

  1. Not hiring professional guidance

One of the most common mistakes made when trying to get into shape is to do it through trial and error ourselves. Ask yourself, would you perform a teeth cleaning instead of going to the dentist, or experiment with hair colors before the wedding instead of going to hair stylist? …well maybe some might haha.  Leave it to the professionals to help you reach your goals. You have enough on your plate already, why create more room for error, risking the possibility that you don’t reach your fitness goals for such an important event.

Now, going to group classes once or twice a week can be a great way to start, motivate and relate to others who are in the same boat. However, you need much more focus on what YOUR needs are. You need to get the one on one experience to have a customized training and nutrition schedule tailored to you. Most group classes won’t offer a nutrition plan, let alone, care if you are skinny fat, trying to build curves, or break down fat. What about your level of performance, or if you have any type of injury or food sensitivities?  There is above and beyond to think about, so admit that it’s ok to get the extra help needed.

Also trying to piece together workouts seen on social media is not enough nor following a complete system and schedule that will keep you on track, or even be effective. Ask yourself, is your favorite fitness icon even a fitness professional?

Lastly, trying to guess and do it yourself will only leave you frustrated, inconsistent, and not accountable to anyone. And let’s be real…without accountability and progression of goals, you eventually will run the risk of giving up and feeling alone.

Seeking out a professional will help give you with the encouragement, support and knowledge that you need to succeed. Why not avoid risking reaching your health and fitness goals, and set yourself up for success to win on your big day!





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