My first podcast interview! 😀 Today I have very special guest with us. Not only is she my best friend, but she has completely changed her life from the inside out with our warrior athlete system and of course self empowerment, dedication and hard work.

Ms. Lauren Daily used to be over 200lbs, 33% body fat,  currently at 19%…is setting next to me as a complete bad ass athlete, and its been so amazing to be part of her journey and progress: mentally, physically, emotionally and watch her work towards her true purpose.

In this Episode 004, Lauren takes us through her complete mind and body transformation. We discuss everything from her old/current stats, struggles, and old lifestyle patterns that had to go to create her healthy, happy and positive new self. Lauren talks about owning her self-worth, and how to self-empower in order to achieve success. We touch base on social vanity, that it can be distracting to reaching your goals if we focus on others too much.

I am extremely proud of how far she has come. Remember each and everyone of us has the potential to succeed….to raise our consciousness, to become self-aware and the highest versions of ourselves in all components of our lives.

I truly believe it’s a matter of those who listen to that voice of empowerment that says, “it’s time to change.