As you guys know, I am always and forever a huge advocate of organic chemical free products to help YOU take your overall health and fitness to the next level.

So many products on the market today are full of harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives, bleaches, artificial flavors, colorings, dyes, GMOs, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and other toxic ingredients that should not be allowed in our food and personal care products.

I am excited to announce that I have partnered up with Thrive Market. When Thrive approached me, I was already well aware of their online grocery store/app that have all of my favorite organic brands such as Weleda, Spectrum Naturals, Nature’s Path, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation and more.

Right away I was impressed by Thrive Market’s mission, “to make healthy living and organic food accessible to everyone,” as it directly aligned with my passion to help spread the word with redefining health and fitness.

As you know, investing in healthy products can sometimes be pricey. What I love about Thrive is that they offer the same organic products found in stores, but for a much lower price.

I immediately knew all of you would be super happy about this.

You can click HERE for 20% OFF your first order and FREE shipping!

You guys know I am not one to promote bogus products on here. I’m just happy to share with you a place to get amazing organic products and how Thrive has made my life much easier shopping online.

Enjoy!! ??

Sponsored by Thrive Market

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